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Areas of Expertise
Individual Therapy

If you're thinking about starting therapy but aren't quite sure what individual therapy is all about, let me break it down for you. Imagine having a space that's just for you, where you can talk about whatever's on your mind, no filters needed. That's individual therapy. It's just you and me, in a private setting where you can really be yourself. We'll dive into whatever you're dealing with – be it stress, tough emotions, or life's curveballs – and work through it together. It's a chance for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, understand yourself better, and figure out ways to handle whatever life throws at you. Think of it as a space where you get to set the pace and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. So, if you're ready, I'm all ears and ready to support you in finding your stride towards a happier, more balanced life.

Family Therapy

Envision family therapy as a collaborative meeting space for your family, facilitated by a professional guide - that’s where I come in. Our sessions offer a welcoming and constructive environment, akin to a roundtable discussion, where each family member has the opportunity to express themselves.

My role as your family therapist is akin to a skilled mediator. I ensure that our conversations are balanced and productive, with each person's perspective getting the attention it deserves. We delve into both the minor misunderstandings and the more significant challenges, with a focus on fostering understanding and collaboration, not assigning blame.

We explore your family’s communication dynamics, problem-solving approaches, and support systems. Consider me a facilitator who ensures a fair and effective dialogue, helping each family member feel heard and valued.

These sessions are designed to enhance teamwork within your family, with my guidance to steer conversations constructively. I offer insights and strategies to strengthen your family's connection and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner. If you’re looking for a space where your family can grow closer and navigate challenges together with professional support, family therapy is an excellent choice. Let’s embark on this journey towards a more harmonious and understanding family relationship.

Couples Therapy

I also have years of experience working with couples where I serve as a professional facilitator. Our sessions are designed to be a secure and constructive space for open, honest, and respectful dialogue.

In my role as your couples therapist, I function as an impartial mediator, guiding the conversation to ensure that both you and your partner's voices are heard and understood. We will navigate through the complexities of your relationship, addressing both the immediate concerns and the deeper, underlying issues. The emphasis here is on cultivating mutual understanding and empathy, steering away from blame and focusing on positive change.

We'll explore the dynamics of your communication, identify patterns that may hinder your relationship, and work on effective conflict-resolution strategies. As your guide, I ensure a balanced and productive discussion, encouraging both partners to share their perspectives and listen to each other's needs and concerns.

These sessions aim to fortify your relationship by providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary for enhancing your connection and resolving disputes constructively. Whether you're looking to deepen your emotional bond, improve communication, or navigate through specific challenges, couples therapy offers a supportive environment to achieve these goals. Embarking on this journey together, we aim for a more harmonious, understanding, and fulfilling partnership.



In addition to my therapeutic services, I am also available as a professional speaker for organizations seeking to deepen their understanding of mental health topics. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in psychology and mental wellness, I offer engaging and informative presentations tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's for educational purposes, workshops, or seminars, my talks are designed to enlighten and inspire audiences on a variety of mental health subjects.


From addressing the stigma around mental illness to providing insights on effective coping strategies, my goal is to foster a greater awareness and understanding of psychological well-being in the workplace and beyond. If your organization is looking to enrich its knowledge base with practical, insightful, and impactful psychological education, I am here to contribute to your journey toward a mentally healthier and more informed community.

Professional Consultation 

If you're a therapist looking to enhance your practice, I offer professional consultation services tailored to your unique needs. With my extensive experience in the field, I provide a collaborative and supportive environment where we can explore various aspects of your work. Whether you're seeking guidance on complex case management, looking to refine your therapeutic techniques, or wanting to discuss ethical dilemmas and professional development, I'm here to offer insights and share my expertise. 

My consultation services are designed to foster your growth as a therapist, helping you navigate the challenges of this rewarding profession. By working together, we can enhance your skills, broaden your understanding, and ultimately improve the care you provide to your clients. Let's collaborate to elevate your practice and enrich your professional journey.

My Approach
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